On our second-to-last night in Rome we went on a food tour with Claudia from Raphael Tours & Event - who was a very charming and knowledgeable guide.

After a brief introduction to the dark history of Camp di Flori our meeting place, we started out with a salami tasting and wine in the back room of the oldest Salami shop in Rome Norcineria Viola dal 1890 who export cured meats around the world.

We tried pizza with bier - you can get a beer anywhere in Roma including corner stores - from a lane way shop; deep-fried artichoke in the Jewish Quarter at renowned restaurant Il Giardino Roman where the good-looking waiters had us in their thrall;)  an amazing quiche Italian style at the fourth generation run Roscioli Ristorante Salumeri - an incredible bakery & deli - and multi-flavoured gelato at Punto Gelat on Piazza di Sant'Eustachio around the corner from the Panethon. We finished with an amazing selection of sweet pastries at a patisserie and a very full tummy.

Claudia included some history along the way - how could you not in Rome - including the site of Caesars murder; the original site of an ancient amphitheater and commemorative plaques for members of the Jewish community taken away to the camps in WW2.

A great introduction to the rich variety of food and history in this buzzing city.
It was also nice to take our guide hat off and be a guest for change!