New Players: Dulcie's Kings Cross

Photo credit |  Josh Raymond

Photo credit | Josh Raymond

1930s Kings Cross Sydney is resurrected through the atmosphere, style, flavours and culture of Dulcie's Kings Cross.

The subterranean space – which seats 60 patrons – was once a popular strip club by the name of Strip a-rama. You can view the old club neon lights in the bathrooms. Named after Sydney’s queen of bohemia, Dulcie Deamer, who was also a novelist, poet, thespian, journalist, founder of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and the first female boxing reporter.

The venue features decadent fabric, rugs and antique furniture. Old portraits of Deamer, posters of old maps and photos of Sydney before the Harbour Bridge was built hang on the walls. Re-creating a bohemian abode and a very comfortable place for a drink.

The stage of the former venue remains intact and will be used for tarot reading, burlesque, cabaret and monologues. Live shows and talks on the history of the Cross are also planned.

Dulcie’s is also about showing and celebrating modern Australia says General Manager Brandon Martignago; it's serving only Australian wines, spirits and produce. Which we are sure will be a big hit with our guests, who love to discover Australian beverages on our dining walks.

The cocktail list has been inspired by people and places that have defined Sydney culture. The Burn ’em Down Dawn is named after Dawn O’Donnell, a prominent supporter of Sydney’s LGBTQI community. It’s a concoction of Starward Two-Fold whisky, lemon-myrtle liquor, and a dash of fig and cinnamon bitters, before it’s set ablaze with Jezebel absinthe.

Homage is also paid to activist Juanita Nielsen, who saved Victoria Street from high-rise development in the 1970s, with the Darling Juanita – a mix of Remedy dry gin, cucumber juice, basil, cracked pepper and mandarin syrup. There’s a dedicated list for Martinis, a drink that rose in popularity during the 1930s.

While cocktails are the main act, attention has been paid to the wines. Most are sourced from South Australia, with the odd Riesling from Canberra’s Mallaluka Wines. A changing cured meats & cheese platter is also available to compliment the drinks. 

We are thrilled that Dulcie’s has opened on the strip. We need more brave and innovative operators to open small bars, restaurants and retail stores to fill the Cross with life and colour once again.


 Special Dining Walk Menu:

Choose from a selection of House Staples including: a House Martini, South Side or a Manhattan matched with a cured meats or cheese board.

New Players: Brix Distillers


It’s a new year baby and we have a couple of hot venues - to go with the current temperatures - that we are introducing to our Surry Hills and Potts Point dining walk offer.

Brix Distillers 

Brix is Sydney’s only dedicated craft rum distillery and bar situated on leafy Bourke Street in the heart of Surry Hills. Through a combined distillery, cellar door and hospitality space, Brix introduces the public to an experience that is as informative and enlightening as it is inspiring and delightful.

 Brix is smart, but never stuffy: think polished concrete, Molly the copper pot on one wall, along with half a dozen barrels of rum and an open kitchen. All fronted by a pumping bar with just the right amount of ‘hipster gene’ in each barman. The bar is stocked with a range of ultra-premium hand-crafted Rums that are created on the premises. 

The crew at Brix Distillers believe its time for rum to grow up, saluting Rum’s dark history and striving for its bright future. Bringing craft rum into the 21st century so it can take its place alongside other fine food and beverages.

Co-founders Damien Barrow, James Christopher and Siddharth Soin have engaged the talent of Colombian chef Ivan Sanchez, formerly of Bodega and Porteno, to create a South American flavoured menu complimentary to the taste of rum. 


As you may or may not know Sydney was built on rum. Forty-five thousand gallons of the stuff was paid to contractors to construct the general hospital on Macquarie Street, or what was colloquially called the “Rum Hospital”. (The hospital south wing is now the Mint, and the north wing is the NSW Parliament House.) 

 In Sydney’s early colonial days the spirit was used as currency, and the only time the Australian government has been overthrown by a military coup (in 1808) is an event now called the “Rum Rebellion” because the corps responsible were heavily involved in the rum trade.  But the creation of Brix is about much more than a proud rediscovering of Sydney’s adventurous, free-booting heritage where rum was the spirit of choice and the fuel of rebellion. It’s about educating a new, more discerning audience to appreciate the qualities and subtleties of one of the world’s great spirits.  

Allowing the rum explorer to meet the artisans behind this timeless craft product. To learn how rich Australian molasses is turned, via copper kettles and stills, into the burnished spirit swirling in their glass. Even the name itself has its origins in the very essence of what the crew do: brix is actually the measurement of sugar in a solution of rum. 

We are looking forward to introducing our guests to a truly unique experience on our next Surry Hills pre-dining walk stop at Brix.  

Special Dining Walk Menu;

Brix White Daiquiri on arrival with cheese & charcuterie and Provolone & Jamon Croquetas w/ corn puree and pecorino

Introducing: House Bistrot

Introducing: House Bistrot

Located on the once notorious Kellett Street, on the Kings Cross side off Darlinghurst Road, this small bistro feels cosy but sophisticated. Owner / Operator Mauro Forgillo - originally from Milan - wore all the hats to get his first restaurant open - from painting the chairs to writing the blackboard. A far cry from the busy & swanky evirons of Rockpool, Merivale and Fratelli Fresh.

His menu is seasonal and changes weekly. Assisted in the kitchen and on-the-floor by the lovely and very French Amel – she makes dam fine petit fours - this Victorian terrace house has an easy Australian vibe with a European touch. Making their own sourdough and pasta on a daily basis, everything is fresh and ready to be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

Introducing: Bang Tang

Introducing: Bang Tang

Bang Tang is situated mid-way down the lovely tree-lined Victoria Street, opposite the back-packer hostels that are fast reverting to their original residential mansion status, as the gentrification of the area continues. With half of the restaurant floor space dedicated to alfresco dining it’s a very pleasant place to spend a beautiful summers evening in Sydney.

Nat - the co-owner and executive chef - is originally from Thailand and has studied Le Cordon Bleu. He has spent many years working in Australian fine-dining restaurants - including the famous Sailors Thai - and also dined around the world at many top hat restaurants. Hey it’s all an education in food!

Crafty Dining: The D.E.A Store x Ciccone & Sons

Crafty Dining: The D.E.A Store x Ciccone & Sons

The D E A Store is a peaceful haven on Regent Street, Redfern, featuring a delightful collection of objects for the home or kitchen, chosen by owner Karin Huchatz for their utility and intrinsic beauty, their whimsy and intelligence.  Complimenting the eclectic offerings of the nearby retro furniture and design stores, the shelves are updated weekly with carefully selected products from local and international designers and producers.

D.E.A. also proudly support local artists and artisans, with an exquisite selection of unique ceramics and homewares by Timna Taylor, Sharon Muir, Its A Public Holiday, Yvonne Terkildsen, Ode Ceramic. Furniture by sculptor Stephen Ralph and Vincent Buret sit alongside a limited number of works by an amazing group of emerging new artists, such as Murray Hilton, Gemma Avery, Michael McIntyre and Kyle Murrell, all from the former Galleria Vicino stable. D.E.A. have developed a range of ceramics exclusive to our store by young and talented Australian ceramicist Peter Anderson.

Crafty Dining: Rudi Rocket x Happy D's

Crafty Dining: Rudi Rocket x Happy D's

Rudi Rocket have been in business on Regent Street for over a decade. Simone & Brad met socially and found they had a lot in common when it came to their mutual taste in interior design and objet.

The store is full to the brim with Scandinavian, post-modern and original art, furniture, object and lighting from the 1930’s -to the 90’s. Bold primary colours jostle with wood-paneled surfaces and smoky glassware.  Rudi Rocket buy interstate from Adelaide and Brisbane as well as Sydney sources and often have random walk-ins of random wanting to sell them pieces.

Crafty Dining: Graham & Graham

Crafty Dining: Graham & Graham

Graham & Graham Design are a Sydney based multi-disciplinary design business that specialise in custom handmade lampshades & lighting. They also have a beautiful range of mid 20th century design ceramic lamp bases that can be paired up with lampshades of your choice. Graham & Graham offer an in-house custom lampshade service at no additional cost. 

Designing and making their own range of handmade 'G&GD Lamps' (table & floor lamps) with bespoke lampshades made to order in local & international designer fabrics. Their selective range of vintage ceramic lamp bases are sourced from around the world, with a particular focus on high quality, collectible mid 20th century Italian Ceramics  such as Bitossi.

Chee Soon & Fitzgerald x Yellow Fever

Chee Soon & Fitzgerald x Yellow Fever

Chee Soon & Fitzgerald  was opened by an avid pair of collectors Bryan Fitzgerald and Casey Chee Soon in June 1996 on Crown Street, Surry Hills. Both passionate about the decorative arts, textiles and furniture ranging from the 19th century to contemporary pieces, over the years, textiles have become their foremost stock items. In 1998 they took over the fabric agency to wholesale and retail the Finnish brand, Marimekko in Australia.

The displays of Marimekko's bold prints and vibrant colours attracted the attention of clients of the late Marion Hall Best. A prominent and important importer, retailer and interior designer in Sydney from the 1940's to the mid 1970's. Best was a pioneer of the use of Scandinavian in modern Australian interior design. The range has expanded over the years to include: Jim Thompson silks (both vintage and new), original vintage Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, Japanese grass weave wallpaper and Scandinavian studio glass and ceramics.