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Surry Hills Spring Tasting Trail: Muum Maam

We are proud to announce that we are part of the Surry Hills Festival programme this year! In the lead-up to the festival date the Surry Hills Creative Precinct are staging five different creative trail events. They kindly invited us to create a dining walk that includes six restaurants from the Devonshire and Crown Street precinct. Choose from two different three course dining walks and re-discover the hood.

Muum Maam (moom mum) named after the Thai slang for ‘little glutton’.
Muum Maam Surry Hills was established in 2010 as one of Holt Street’s most vibrant eating destinations.

By day, the street style Tuk Shop serves quick and delicious meals from the cart. A casual eatery some may say, absolutely full to the brim every lunch time. By night, Muum Maam serves classic Thai cuisine in a relaxed, cool environment.

Menu : A selection of Thai treats



Hidden Sydney Gems for Celebrating Melbourne Cup 2018

It's never too early to start planning your Melbourne Cup 2018 celebration. Whether it's before, during or after the race these are the places to celebrate your win or get over your losses! So get your crew together and check out a few of Sydney's best hidden gems.

Golden Age Cinema Bar

 Golden Age Cinema Bar – 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills - An oldie but a goody you don’t have to be attending one of their art house films to enjoy the comforts of this bar. Order a cocktail named after a cinema classic and sink into the leather banquettes. Formerly the office of Paramount Pictures this subterranean treasure is a local favourite.

 Baccomatto Osteria - 212 Riley St, Surry Hills - Modern Italian at its best, where you will be greeted at the door like a long lost relative by an Italian Nonna. This dining room can accommodate an intimate date or your whole crew, with an abundant banquet of antipasto delights and made-on-the-premises seasonal pasta accompanied by a fine wine.

Black Bottle - Shop 2/118-116 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst - Co-owned by two Frenchman who really know their cocktails and Mediterranean share plates. A lovely courtyard outback in which to sip your champagne & enjoy a dozen oysters natural after your win at the track.

 PG’s - 169 King Street, Newtown - The latest bar on King Street. Hidden in plain sight: just look out for the book lined shelves set behind glass doors. Featuring a  high ceiling, with old masters in gilded frames, this two-level bar can definitely accommodate your crew for your post-cup celebrations.

Love Tilly Devine – 91 Crown Lane, Darlinghurst - A classic Sydney gem on a discrete laneway and one of Sydney’s first small bars. Stocking a hand picked selection of natural wines from around the globe. Rustic bar food served up in an old bottle shop storage area.

Dear Sainte Eloise

 Dear Sainte Eloise - 5/29 Orwell St, Potts Point - A French salon style venue with a 300 strong wine list. Tasty morsels available from the late-night kitchen, everything from roe boats to burrata served with chunky slices of Brickfields bread, whilst you take in the laneway parade.

 Et Al.7/24-30 Springfield Avenue, Entry Via Llankelly Place, Potts Point - Located at the other end of Llankelly Place, this small but perfect formed restaurant has a constantly evolving menu of contemporary Australian food complimented by an elegant organic wine list.

  * Sponsored blog post for Racenet


M.A.D. Monday in Sydney

We got lucky a few weeks ago when Dee from The Realness walked into our day job. After a chat about what the lovely kiwis were doing in Sydney, we ended up with a free ticket to the M.A.D. FEED Resilience episode at Carriageworks that night!

M.A.D. - taken from the  Danish word for food - is a nonprofit organization that brings together a global cooking community with a social conscience, a sense of curiosity, and an appetite for change.

Food is inseparable from some of the most pressing global challenges of our time. MAD inspires and educates the cooking community to find creative solutions and make a difference in their restaurants, communities, and the world at large.

Through its dynamic network, events, and media, MAD stimulates new conversations and perspectives; nurtures transformative ideas; and galvanizes the creative potential of the global cooking community.

Check out Dee's fab restaurant Coco's Cantina next time your in Auckland (their website is also a treat) Always pumping and full of cheer.

If you are hungry to discover a one-off local restaurant or café on your travels or in your own hometown then you need to check out The Realness - a website for people wanting to find owner-operated, independent eateries.

The Realness difference is that the people who own the business work in the business. All verified realness members use ethically sourced animal proteins and are free from corporate partnerships or deals that limit their practice in any way. The Realness eateries are for diners who value real experiences and are excited by the difference a personalised one-off eatery offers. our diners enjoy the discovery more than the varied opinions of review sites.

They have launched in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and will soon expand to incorporate eateries across the planet.

Thanks for the ticket love and the generosity of spirit from the speakers Kylie Kwong Indira Naidoo Graham Long from Wayside Chapel, Lydia Miller from Australia Council for the Arts, Josh Niland from Saint Peter and moderator Caroline Baum for facilitating so seamlessly.

We are now officially MAD converts.

Roma Food Tour

On our second-to-last night in Rome we went on a food tour with Claudia from Raphael Tours & Event - who was a very charming and knowledgeable guide.

After a brief introduction to the dark history of Camp di Flori our meeting place, we started out with a salami tasting and wine in the back room of the oldest Salami shop in Rome Norcineria Viola dal 1890 who export cured meats around the world.

We tried pizza with bier - you can get a beer anywhere in Roma including corner stores - from a lane way shop; deep-fried artichoke in the Jewish Quarter at renowned restaurant Il Giardino Roman where the good-looking waiters had us in their thrall;)  an amazing quiche Italian style at the fourth generation run Roscioli Ristorante Salumeri - an incredible bakery & deli - and multi-flavoured gelato at Punto Gelat on Piazza di Sant'Eustachio around the corner from the Panethon. We finished with an amazing selection of sweet pastries at a patisserie and a very full tummy.

Claudia included some history along the way - how could you not in Rome - including the site of Caesars murder; the original site of an ancient amphitheater and commemorative plaques for members of the Jewish community taken away to the camps in WW2.

A great introduction to the rich variety of food and history in this buzzing city.
It was also nice to take our guide hat off and be a guest for change!

Crafty Dining: Studio Enti + Embers Mezze Bar

Crafty Dining: Studio Enti + Embers Mezze Bar

Introducing you to the On Foley crew and their bar & restaurant matches for this week's Good Food Month and Sydney Craft Week dining walk event.

Foley Street is located in the heart of Darlo and is home to five creative businesses working across art, design, fashion, jewellery and home wares on the newly paved laneway. Running between Oxford & Burton Streets off Crown this is inner city Sydney's latest craft & design shopping destination.

Studio Enti

Studio Enti is the design practice of ceramicist Naomi Taplin, producing porcelain tableware, lighting and home decor. Leading restaurants Nomad & Lotus at Barangaroo use Studio Enti's dinnerware. Each unique piece of handmade porcelain is made to be used and enjoyed.  A strong belief in the necessity of good design and concepts of longevity and sustainability are the major driving forces behind the work of Studio Enti.

Naomi will give a short talk about her practice and a behind the scenes tour of her studio whilst guests enjoy a selection of tasting dishes from Embers Mezze Bar served on Studio Enti's ceramic plates, of course.

Embers Mezze Bar

Embers Mezze Bar

Discover a dining room where east meet the west within a grand Rococo style building, with an interior decorated with street art and exotic Mediterranean lamps. Embers is located on Oxford Street just around the corner from Studio Enti.

Embers Mezze Bar brings to life a truly unique and delicious style of sexy, modern Lebanese with Middle Eastern influence. Inspired by authentic flavour combinations, our menu offers a fresh and contemporary take on a traditional shared dining experience.

The Embers kitchen will by creating a selection of tasting dishes from their menu.

Crafty Dining: Fine Fellow + Edition Roasters

Crafty Dining: Fine Fellow + Edition Roasters

Part two of five posts introducing you to the On Foley crew and their bar & restaurant matches for next month's Good Food Month and Sydney Craft Week dining walk event.

Foley Street is located in the heart of Darlo and is home to five creative businesses working across art, design, fashion, jewellery and home wares on the newly paved laneway. Running between Oxford & Burton Streets off Crown this is inner city Sydney's latest craft & design shopping destination.

Fine Fellow

The brainchild of fashion blogger Giuseppe Santamaria - Men In This Town - and jewellery designer Clara Ho of Burton Street Depository. Fine Fellow is a concept retail store that presents locally designed, handcrafted men’s fashion, accessories, home wares and gifts. Supporting its aim of making Foley Street a new fashion destination, Fine Fellow offers regular events and studio talks featuring local Sydney makers.

Clara will give a short talk about her jewellery practice and Giuseppe will offer some insight into what it takes to be a street photographer & magazine publisher, whilst guests enjoy a tasting dish from Edition Roasters new spring menu.

Edition Roasters - Japanese Hotdog

Edition Coffee Roasters

Scandinavia and Japan are half a world apart, but Daniel Jackson and his crew combine the two cultures seamlessly at Edition Coffee Roasters. The result is a beautifully presented menu of about eight seasonal dishes served with a delicate, woodsy feel.

Jackson selects single origin/estate green beans and roast them for batch brew, pour-over, aero-press, Japanese drip and cold brew. The Nordic-Japanese blend can be felt everywhere, from the honeycomb of white counter tiles, to the concrete floor and lean aesthetic.

Chef Black Jacket will be creating a special dish , from a menu inspired by Japanese izakayas and drinking dens, for our Crafty Dining guests presented in the hip surrounds of the Fine Fellow store.

Crafty Dining: Bermuda Black + The Commons

Crafty Dining: Bermuda Black + The Commons

Part three of five posts introducing you to the On Foley crew and their bar & restaurant matches for next month's Good Food Month and Sydney Craft Week dining walk event.

Foley Street is located in the heart of Darlo and is home to five creative businesses working across art, design, fashion, jewellery and home wares on the newly paved laneway. Running between Oxford & Burton Streets off Crown this is inner city Sydney's latest craft & design shopping destination.

Bermuda Black

Run by self-taught shoemaker Marina Roorda, Bermuda Black offers a bespoke shoe design service, along with a range of off-the-shelf shoe and clothing designs. Bermuda Black’s Foley Street retail space is combined with an open studio and workshop where customers can watch Marina at work and see her suite of shoemaker’s tools.

Marinwill give a short talk about her practice whilst guests enjoy a selection of tasting plates from The Commons.

The Commons

The Commons

A local eating house that indulges Sydney locals with seasonally influenced, ingredient-focused cuisine. The name 'The Commons' refers to the ‘shared environmental and cultural resources of a city’, and they are proud to support Sydney producers wherever they can.

Their produce is sourced as ethically as possible utilising fresh produce from around Sydney, and supporting local artisan food makers. Located in an old sandstone cottage on Burton Street, with an upstairs dining room and the Downtown Bar on the lower level opening out onto a green courtyard.

The Commons will serve a selection of tasting plates from their seasonal produce menu.

A Night with Dear Sainte Eloise

We popped out for a ladies night on Saturday at Dear Sainte Éloise and it was buzzing! Dark & sexy with warm reds, dark stained wood and a touch of velvet the space has been transformed from it's previous incarnation as Waterman's Lobster Bar. The name Dear Sainte Éloise was taken from George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London, in which the writer prays for "just enough to buy some bread and a bottle of wine". (see the photo below for a partial view of the bar's black board with the chapter scrawled across it).

Attracting an elegant crowd imbibing in delicious wine and rustic food, this is the place to be on a cold winters night.

We tried the celery hearts w/ with burnt onions, goats curd and marjoram , smoked mussels and the burrata & mint served on char-grilled bread. All very tasty & moorish dishes. Accompanied by a glass of Luneau - a lovely dry sparkling and Dumarcher - from the extensive lists of reds for our friend The Jam Alchemist. Be smart and get there early though - the small space fills up fast. Congrats to Matt, Jazz, Nate & Ben on the successful re-branding.