Photo courtesy of BE Productions Photo credit - Dean Hammer

Our weekend dining walk as part of the 7th William Street Festival was huge fun! Our six guests were a fun bunch who gelled-well and got into the festival spirit easily.

10 William St was going off when we arrived - crammed with enthusiastic Italian wine drinkers. The staff were zooming from one end of the narrow room to the other. Excited Italian words thrown back and forth. What a great start to our walk! When we emerged from the restaurant the street party was still in full swing.

We made our way to the heaving The London Hotel and found our reserved table upstairs. Enthusiastic revelers from Randwick Races were continuing their day of celebrations around us. We tucked into the Ploughman's Platter and joined-in the loud banter of the room.

Then it was back-up the road to Paddington Inn where we easily found our table with "Reserved for The Sydney Connection" scrawled in chalk. Our divine mains of Rump Steak with eggplant puree & heirloom tomatoes and crispy ocean trout with beetroot salad went down a treat. The crowd was more contained than The London as they spread out over three large rooms. Lindsey - our host - was very attentive & cordial despite the chaos surrounding him. There was a great Saturday night-style soundtrack playing too - from R&B to disco.

Photocourtesy of BE Productions Photo credit - Dean Hammer

Our final destination for the evening Paddington Alimentari involved a dainty walk through the bean bagged audience of Amelie screening at the bottom of the street. A brightly lite Italian deli and charming long-term owner Larrine greeted us on arrival. We indulged in the Ricotta cheesecake and Chocolate Genache accompanied by strong cafe and a delicious Italian liqueur - Vecchio Amaro del Capo - which was a hit with everyone.

All in all a very successful first event in this lovely neighborhood.

We will be back Paddington!

Thanks to BE Productions, the William Street business community and Paddington Business Partnership for the invitation to participate in the Festival.