Crafty Dining in Redfern in October 2018 showcased the rich variety of contemporary design, vintage furniture, textiles and dining options available in Redfern, as part of  Good Food Month and Sydney Craft Week .

Santina  is a Rag Trade baby, having grown up amongst Australia's iconic designers in the once bustling fashion industry hub of Surry Hills in the 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s. This year she is proudly celebrating 30 years in the fashion business.

Santina comes from a long line of textile makers and dressmakers, including her mother who is still an integral part of the creative process. Creating and working with beautiful fabrics is a natural occurrence for Santina. Having had the opportunity to dress women for all occasions since 1987, Santina is passionate about the use of quality fabrics and textiles, allowing the fabric to dictate the design of the final creation.

Just like no two women are alike, neither are Santina’s creations. Each individually crafted to meet the needs and wants of her clients. With a firm belief that all women have an inner glamour, Santina ensures each of her clients feel good about themselves when wearing a Collezione Santina gown.

Recently Santina introduced ‘Woman’ by Collezione Santina, a collection of limited edition ready-to-wear clothing.  These garments are specifically created to suit the modern woman’s busy lifestyle, taking you from the office to dinner. Or from the races to the bar. 

Clothes that are cut well fit well. For women of all ages and sizes, designed & hand-made right here at the Collezione Santina Redfern Atelier!


Bistro St Jacques ( formerly Pitt Street Diner)

Bistro St Jacques is owned by Gary & Jane Prebble, who started in Redfern in 2013. 'The Diner' is a French bistro located on Pitt Street in Redfern offering friendly, relaxed service and modern French food at great prices. Here regulars keep coming back for the freshly shucked oysters, tasty steak-frites, and ridiculously delicious cheese boards. 

Fully licensed with outdoor seating - if you wish to go Alfresco - and comfortable banquette seating in a relaxed dining room. With over 150 international and natural, organic & bio-dynamic wines, local craft beers such as Pale Ale, Flying Ram Lager and German favourite Kölsch, plus a selection of classic cocktails to choose from you can settle in for a very pleasant afternoon or evening of dining at this local favourite.

Crafty Dining in Redfern Menu:

Twice-baked truffle soufflé with Cacio di Bosco pecorino