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Crafty Dining Wrap

Crafty Dining Wrap

After five months of thinking about it and pulling everything together our third Crafty Dining in East Sydney event took place without a hitch!

At our first stop Australian Design Centre guests were introduced to the gallery space by Director Lisa Cahill and her team. Featuring a two exhibitions including entries in the Profile 2019: Contemporary Jewellery and Object Award.

Our Insta Best Nine for 2017

The Sydney Connection's best nine on Instagram

As is our tradition at the end of a big year and start of another we publish our Best Nine pics from Instagram. Selected via the number of likes & impressions of our images over the year.

There is definitely a theme going on here with images of our Director Maree Sheehan featuring prominently; the beauty of nature around Sydney; our fave Surry Hills small bar Golden Age Cinema, where we always start our SH walk and the important Keep Sydney Open campaign as part of the Meet Me in the Cross event, aimed at proving there is still life on the strip - even in mid-winter!

When we look at our Insta feed it makes us realise just how much we have accomplished in just one year and we feel grateful for everyone who helped us achieve our goals whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

So a big thanks to everyone who fed, poured, supported, advised, walked, talked and ate with us in 2017.  Have a safe & happy New Year in Sydney and around the globe.
Peace & love to all.

We have lots planned for 2018 so stay posted.


TripAdvisor Reviews Top 22!

Thank you to all our fabulous guests over the past 3.5 years who have contributed reviews to our Trip Advisor page. 98% of you have rated us Excellent and we are very grateful. The Sydney Connection would not exist without you! Your nice words are keeping us warm on this cold and rainy winters day in Sydney.