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Crafty Dining Wrap

Crafty Dining Wrap

After five months of thinking about it and pulling everything together our third Crafty Dining in East Sydney event took place without a hitch!

At our first stop Australian Design Centre guests were introduced to the gallery space by Director Lisa Cahill and her team. Featuring a two exhibitions including entries in the Profile 2019: Contemporary Jewellery and Object Award.

Eastside Sydney is a Thing!

Eastside Sydney is a new strategy group formed by our good friends from Darlinghurst Business Partnership , Potts Point Partnership and Surry Hills Creative Precinct Inc, to draw tourists attention to the other side of Sydney. Not just the Sydney of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House - we love them but hey there is more to us than two landmarks -  but to focus attention on the creative, independent and artistic side of Sydney.

Eastside Sydney held a Facebook Boost night at Darlo Country Club last week to assist memberships of the three business chambers in their Facebook marketing. Full of lots of good tips for increasing your audience, post etiquette and the importance of regular, image-filled, short and enticing posts. It was a good night to connect with the members of the three associations whilst enjoying a few drinks and small foods at the latest revamp of the old Victoria Room's location.

Their motto: Visit Sydney. Experience Eastside - is something we at The Sydney Connection believe in wholeheartedly. Historically the birthplace of the LGBTI rights movement, Sydney's red light district, slums and prohibition era razor gangs, Eastside is the place you come to get to know the people, not just the landmarks.

We look forward to seeing the results of their strategy in conjunction with the cool kids at Right Angle Studio. Go Eastside!