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Leezair Launches

The Sydney Connection Founder and Chief Guide Maree Sheehan

We are very happy to announce that we have now listed with Leezair - the new Sydney based experience platform start-up.  Leezair (a play on Leisure), is a digital marketplace that allows you to discover unique activities and experiences. It was created for those who strive to explore the unknown and undiscovered both abroad and locally.

It uses geo-location tagging to bring your itinerary to life. Leezair allows you to explore what's around you when you're on the go. When something sparks your fancy you can view availability, book and pay for it anytime, anywhere.

Their plan is to build a fluid economy in tourism, by providing businesses and entrepreneurs a level playing field. They are creating a new marketplace in the tourism industry that reduces barriers to entry, while still improving high standards in the industry.

So TSC is very excited to be part of such an awesume idea! Check out their blog profile on The Sydney Connection's founder and Chief Guide Maree Sheehan here, for some inside knowledge on our business.