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Crafty Dining Adventures With The Sydney Connection

Crafty Dining Adventures With The Sydney Connection

Maree Sheehan is chief guide and founder of The Sydney Connection (TSC), a business dedicated to showing locals and out-of-towners hidden foodie gems over Sydney. Her walking dining tours are much loved and her specially curated Crafty Dining experiences have been part of the Sydney Craft Week program since the inaugural festival in 2017.

Crafty Dining - it's a wrap!

Store interiors on the night of Crafty Dining Redfern

There is something very magical and special about being in a store at night. Like all the merchandise might come alive at any second! That's how it felt on our recent Crafty Dining in Redfern with 19 guests crammed into each of the Redfern design & fashion stores.

Thank you so much to all the stores, restaurants and bars who took part. And our guests who were so enthusiastic and attentive all night, it was great to meet you.

Thanks also to Sydney Craft Week and Good Food Month for having us as part of your respective festival programmes.

And now for summer!