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New Player | Bartolo

Aperitivo at Bartolo

Introducing Bartolo from Jared Merlino - one half of the team behind Big Poppas and Kitty Hawk - as one of our new hot spots for summer in Surry Hills.  Embracing traditional Italian ingredients, flavours and hospitality, and pairing them with a creative, dynamic approach.

This contemporary restaurant and bar has been designed to reflect the timelessness of Southern Italian coffee and wine bars. Think blue velvet banquettes and low lights with beautifully framed famille photos from the old world lining the walls.

Bartolo Dining Room

Ragu at Bartolo

The menu entwines the taste of traditional Italy with contemporary preparations, world class cocktails and a sophisticated wine selection. We are sure our guests are going to love the decadent decor and divine food.

Bring on summer!