MAREE SHEEHAN - chief guide

Maree first started conducting dining walks in January 2013, after an internet date with a guy called Oscar from Houston, Texas. After spending the day showing her guest all her favourite local haunts, Oscar complimented Maree on her unique tour guide style and suggested she do it as a living.

As a well-connected Potts Point local with a great network of small bars and restaurants Maree has strong relationships with the restaurateurs of inner-city Sydney, enabling her to create VIP experiences for her guests ensuring a consistently high standard experience.

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Maree considers herself a Sydneysider after twenty years residence. She first visited Sydney as a twenty-one year old tourist, by 1998 Maree was a permanent resident of Sydney and fast falling in love with a Sydney guy and the city itself. The energy, the outdoor lifestyle and the abundance of fabulous food, good service and cool décor trends ensured that she stayed longer than the romance lasted.




Dale Burton

A Gastronomic Tourism academic and committed globe trotter Dale is a very food-centric guide.

Dale has a strong background in event management, curating and operations. She recently worked on the avant-garde Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania and has an ongoing role with Margot Natoli Project Management who produce unique food and wine themed festivals.

We love having Dale along on a dining walk for her incredible knowledge and understanding of food culture, friendly & polished manner and insatiable appetite to know more about the everyday rituals that accompany food.