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Golden Age Cinema Bar

New Video Promo

Well here it is - our very first professional video promo! Woo hoo!

Big thanks to everyone who helped make us look so good: Golden Age Cinema & Bar for the location; Sam Hernández Priscilla Fernandez Ben Mulcahy and David our fabulous talent. Especially Lara Del Arte for her inspiring professionalism and talent behind the camera.

We have a renewed respect for everyone who has to speak directly to camera for a living - it's hard work! We will be building on this campaign and adding more video in the future.

Now to put this EVERYWHERE online!

Two weeks until Mardi Gras Event!

Check out our poster for this year's Sydney Mardi Gras dining walks! Thanks to the wonders of CANVA our graphics are looking very snazzy these days. With less than two weeks to go we still have tickets available for both walks. So hop on here to book your crew and join the fun!

Big thanks to all our participating restaurants who have been posting our event images over the weekend. We are looking forward to two fabulous evenings introducing locals and visitors alike to the vibrant inner city Sydney food scene.