• Glebe Point Road
  • Glebe, NSW, 2027
  • Australia

We are teaming-up with the cool kids from Glebe to host the Glebe Tasting Trek!

An appetizing amble through our multicultural village, feasting on the best of traditional and contemporary cuisine.

The Glebe Tasting Trek is a fantastic opportunity for local restaurants to welcome the greater Sydney public and Glebe-ites alike into their atmospheric venues. Introducing guests to a variety of exceptional cuisines, high standard of service and unique dining atmospheres that are on offer in the heart of Glebe. 

 Guests will meet their fellow trekkers and guide for the evening at one of four participating restaurants, choosing from either a 6:00 or 8:00 sitting when booking. Each group will circulate in a clockwise manner along Glebe Point Road stopping at each location to enjoy various tasty signature dishes.

Beverages will be available at special prices during the evening to accompany the dishes. Once guests have circulated through all the venues they are invited to attend an After Party at Different Drummer Bar with an especially crafted cocktail to kick off proceedings.

After Party


Different Drummer is a staple of the inner city small bar scene. Set in the facade of an early 1920’s building, bare bricks frame intimate nooks and the whole atmosphere screams ‘hidden hangout’. Their ever changing cocktail list highlights the heroic effort they make in keeping up with the best brews on offer.

Gin Old Fashioned -  Four Pillars Gin w/ a hint of chartreuse, grapefruit bitters, slow stirred over a large ice block and garnished with a grapefruit twist.

Photo credit | Zoe Rollings