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Weekend fun

A Night with Dear Sainte Eloise

We popped out for a ladies night on Saturday at Dear Sainte Éloise and it was buzzing! Dark & sexy with warm reds, dark stained wood and a touch of velvet the space has been transformed from it's previous incarnation as Waterman's Lobster Bar. The name Dear Sainte Éloise was taken from George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London, in which the writer prays for "just enough to buy some bread and a bottle of wine". (see the photo below for a partial view of the bar's black board with the chapter scrawled across it).

Attracting an elegant crowd imbibing in delicious wine and rustic food, this is the place to be on a cold winters night.

We tried the celery hearts w/ with burnt onions, goats curd and marjoram , smoked mussels and the burrata & mint served on char-grilled bread. All very tasty & moorish dishes. Accompanied by a glass of Luneau - a lovely dry sparkling and Dumarcher - from the extensive lists of reds for our friend The Jam Alchemist. Be smart and get there early though - the small space fills up fast. Congrats to Matt, Jazz, Nate & Ben on the successful re-branding.

Henry Lees - Redfern

Finally checked out Henry Lee's Redfern on the weekend, thanks to a girlfriends suggestion. We had seen the street art on Insta' but didn't click that this was where it lived! Always a fan of Lynes & Co - this one designed by the talented Gemma O'Brien (also known as Mseaves). If you like your cafes well-hidden and designed this is the place for you. However you may want to take a cushion for the metal rung chairs if your on the bony side and have a bit of time up your sleeve.

Although the service was friendly and welcoming there was a #@:* up with our order which resulted in having to wait an hour for our food. They made-up for it with complimentary drinks and lots of nice words,  but on a hot Saturday when you just want to get to the beach it was a big ask. Fortunately the food was worth the wait. Our Club Veg Paradiso - basically a vegetarian platter - which was textured and tasty. Think lots of super foods and good layout. The GF's Pork Burger was exceptionally fresh and well-put-together.

Our melon juice and The Little Marionette flat white were also up-to-scratch. By the time we left just after 1pm there was a growing line out the door. Currently up for Best New Cafe awards from all three street press magazines Broadsheet Sydney Time Out Sydney and Concrete Playground Sydney these guys are in for a busy summer!


Eatdustry - Woolwich

We journeyed to Woolwichon the weekend for a Saturday night dinner at Eatdustry Thai cuisine. When you live in East Sydney going in this direction for food feels like a big deal. But in this case it was well worth the trip. Co-owner /Operator Toby Oat Thosapol has a strong background in hospitality including some years on the floor Sailors Thai.

His partner and Co-owner Goff is the chef who produces beautiful, clean and fresh flavours in all the dishes we try. Toby matches each dish with a variety of light white wines from NZ and Australia.

The decor is a refined mix of elegant Thai style with classic restaurant touches of white linen and good-looking ceramic serving plates. There are lots of exotic flowers and lush green plants lining the outside and inside area. the mirrored wall at the back of the small space makes you feel like your in a much bigger room and the private dining room to the side has a rich decadence that would suit a special occasion.

The restaurant has been in business for almost a year and the guys have plans for opening a second premises when the right location becomes available. All we can say is Woolwich is very lucky to have premium Thai on it's doorstep!

Disclosure: Toby is also our local Barista and makes us the perfect flat white on a daily basis. But even if we did not know him we would say his food is fabulous!

The Pig & Pastry - Petersham

Our weekend discovery: The Pig & Pastry Petersham the cutest cafe in the inner west! With a china collection to rival your Nannas and a selection of baked goods to match. The coffee, service and food were all fabulous.

There wasn't an empty table in the place all morning. And they know how to cook their bacon: crispy and tasty. Right next to the train station so put this one on the list for your next inner west adventure.