We were proud to be part of the Surry Hills Festival 2018 Creative Trails programme. They kindly invited us to create a dining walk that included six restaurants from the Devonshire and Crown Street precinct.

Mama’s Buoi is a homage to the mother of the restaurant owner Bau Hoang, whose parents began working in the rag trade to feed their family. The Mama’s Buoi menu is inspired by both his Mum and Aunt’s home-cooked goodness. Their best childhood memories are of family meals and the banter that echoed around the dining room. Everyone was happiest when enjoying great food in good company.

Mama’s Buoi welcomes everyone to sample their home-cooking from Mama Hoang's kitchen - fresh, authentic, and a little bit special. Seeking to emulate the flavour, soul and communal spirit of eating in Vietnam. The Buoi (a large grapefruit species) was a mainstay of Mama’s garden and the Hoang family table and the other reason behind the name of the restaurant.

So make yourself at home and make some memories at Mama’s Buoi and do as mum says: “Eat, enjoy, and never leave the table hungry!”

Spring Tasting Trail Menu

Homestyle Chicken Curry (GF) - Lemongrass, potato & carrots

Tamarind Curry - GF/V - Vibrant & sour coconut cream, eggplant, mushrooms, sweet potato & carrots

Mama’s Beef Stir Fry - Lemongrass, Asian broccoli, chilli & oyster sauce